4 reasons why a good brand design should be the foundation of any SEO strategy

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Branding is important. Every entrepreneur knows that! But an excellent website that cannot be found is not really an excellent website. That is why so many companies invest time and money in search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engines use algorithms to determine the rank of a website in their index. The algorithm of Google, the world’s leading search engine (market share: 98%), uses thousands of ranking factors. You probably already know some of them. Things like: the keyword in the URL, text length, proper use of headings, loading speed and backlinks all affect the ranking of your website.

Did you know that a good brand design also has a huge impact on how well your website ranks in the search engines? In this blog we explain how good brand design can help you to climb the rankings and be found.

Good Brand design helps you to find your niche

One of the most important steps while creating your brand is to differentiate. What makes your brand different from all your competitors? The answer to this question will help you find your niche. Did you know it is far more easy to get high rankings if you specialize in a particular niche?

A good brand design helps you to focus on what you’re really good at. This way people can’t help mentioning you when they talk about your industry.

A good brand accelerates

If you’re new or relatively unknown in your industry, it takes time to build traction. No matter how good you are, if nobody remembers your brand you have to make a first impression over and over again. With a good brand design and a unique voice you’ll stand out of the crowd and make a long lasting impression from day one! This will help you to get backlinks, social shares and increased clickthrough, which will eventually lead to higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

The amount and the quality of backlinks are a huge ranking factor for each search engine. Especially natural, contextual, editorially earned (so not bought!) links have a huge impact on how well your website ranks. If your brand is relevant, likeable and an authority, people are much more willing to link to you.

With branding you’re not just focused on building links, you’re building a name, reputation, a presence. And the Search Engines will listen to that!

Brands builds reputation

Last year Google (remember: 98% marketshare) published its’ Search Quality Rating Guidelines. A document which offers great insights on what they are looking for when they rank websites. Brand reputation is one of the factors that’s getting more and more important. Did you know that if someone uses your link as an anchor text, this automatically sends a strong brand signal to Google?

Brand design: the foundation of every SEO strategy

As you can see Search Engine Optimization has more to it than just writing great content and building backlinks. If you have a good brand design, you’ll set the foundation for an easy and long lasting SEO strategy.

Do you want to know more about brand design and how it can help to rank better on Google? Just contact us and schedule a free 30 minute meeting.

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