Sellavie – Items with a (hi)story


We have become the brand agency for Sellavie. An antique furniture store in North Brabant, the Netherlands.


After Jacob Zoutewelle and his son Emiel took over an existing furniture store in Made they contacted us to rebrand the existing identity. The existing store – Broere Meubelen – had been well known in the region for decades. They wanted to continue excellent business of the previous owners but give it their own twist. Inspiration for the direction came from Drew Pritchard’s well known tv program Salvage Hunters.


The strategy is to create a new brand, without alienating Broere Meubelen’s existing customers. We are doing this by creating a lovable atmosphere with an element of flair and joy de vivre. Life isn’t always about roses though and that’s where the name came from: that’s life. At the same time we’re preparing the brand for getting into the e-commerce market.


Life is beautiful, but certainly has rough edges sometimes. Just like the furniture being sold, where behind each little scratch can be an entire story of its own. Sellavie recognizes the beauty and value of this and wants to communicate this through its channels. Whether that’s in the store by the staff, on the website through the user experience, in the store by the design. The customer experience should be about affinity and warmth.


The design is a reflection of the concept. Slightly roughened and retro styled elements. A combination of different styles and eras, such as modernism and romanticism. Sometimes unusual mixes that have a charm on their own. Just like real life and real homes where the most unexpected things can sometimes come together.

What the client says

“Studio Erwin Sala has developed the corporate identity of our company in a very professional manner. With good and commercial empathy they know how to shape images and design, exactly to your wishes. Very satisfied with our cooperation with many customers reacting positively to the design.”
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