We were approached to create a brand for an online community trading with home grown vegetables. We created the brand and helped direct the startup with its positioning and marketing up until its launch in 2022.


Crops wants to connect local produce of vegetables, fruits etc and connect it to local demand. The aim is to create a fun community where you can connect to like-minded individu- als and at the same time cut unnecassary transportation and thus polution.


The logo is a hand crafted, organically inspired, wordmark that reference to the magic moment a seed start to pop its head above the ground. This visual concept is then trans- lated to other elements of the brand carriers. This project is currently ongoing.

What the client says

“Occasionally, you get in touch with a company that can help you out with real passion for its profession. Studio Erwin Sala is such an organisation. They helped us not only to develop the brand and design of Cropsie, but also to take the overall concept to the next level.”

Some of our work

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