Bite’n’play Dog Toys


Bite’n’play is a new brand selling dog toys. We have developed their brand from scratch and helped develop their product line.


An entrepreneur invested in dog toys approached us to brand his line of products. Selling on the North American market, we were asked to completely develop the brand.


Dog owners usually have an emotional bond with their pet. Dogs are often seen as a full family member. Because of this we want to make sure the brand empathizes with the dog owners and interacts with the (potential) clients on a level of equality. Because the entrepreneur is also a dog owner himself we feel confident that this will genuinely resonate with other dog owners. Bite’n’play dog toys are for and by dog lovers.


The reason dog owners buy toys for their pets is to give their dog something to do. Whether that is together, or because the owner needs to temporarily occupy his or her dog because of other obligations. Because of this family member connection the underlying motto for the project became “For the love of dogs”. We decided to keep this working title as a slogan for the brand. The came up with the name because we wanted to evoke a clear and positive picture of what the products will do. The dog can play happily and its owner can feel good about that.


Because of the emotional bond owners have with their dogs we designed a logo that reflects this. The font used has some of the characteristics of dogs and the little trick of tilting the ‘e’ to make it smile – something we’ve done before and of course didn’t invent ourselves – adds this fun and friendly character to the brand. The 2 apostrophes signify 2 canines and thus we made the design and name of the brand all come together.


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