Kite Magnetics


An Australian company developing engines for electric passenger planes was in need of a new logo. We defined the strategy and designed the logo.


Kite Magnetics is an Australian company that's developing the enabling technologies required for a new age of electric aviation. One that is safer, quieter, significantly cheaper and emissions-free. They are achieving this by fundamentally re-engineering the industry’s electric motors and generators.


Kite Magnetics is on the one hand a company that deals with innovative techniques, but on the other hand needs the reliability of a technology that has been proven for years. The challenge is found in how to bring those 2 characteristics together. A company with its eye on the future but with a reputation that builds on years of experience. The logo should be able to be seen from the window of an airplane on its engines and then evoke a sense of confidence.


An electric aircraft engine essentially just has to spin and keep spinning. Hence, we chose a shape for the logo that can be followed endlessly. We wanted to create a design that can be placed and recognized in the many forms in which it can be used. So on rotating parts, but also, for example, small on the electrical components wihtin the motors themselves.


The starting point of the design is a propeller that refers to the letter "k" in a certain position. Through shading, depth is created and the suggestion of the "infinite loop" is enhanced. We chose the obvious blue as the color to clearly convey the background of the product. Mirroring one of the blades of the "propeller" creates a suggestion of something that wants to take off, as well as wings. A bird can also be recognized within the shape. A "kite" is also a type of bird, and this is obviously a connotation also appropriate to aviation. Especially for a company pursuing a cleaner and more efficient aviation industry.

Kite MagneticsKite Magnetics

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