Caleidoscoop Kindercoaching


Caleidoscoop Kindercoaching is a child coaching service that aims to help children reach their full potential and develop strong life skills. The company approached our brand design agency with the goal of creating a memorable and impactful brand identity that would get their message accross.


Before embarking on the design process, we conducted a thorough research into the child coaching industry, Caleidoscoop Kindercoaching's target audience, and the company's mission and values. This research helped us to gain a deeper understanding of the company's unique offering and the challenges they faced.


Our strategy was to create a brand identity that would communicate the company's expertise and compassionate approach to child coaching. The brand identity needed to resonate with parents and children and evoke feelings of trust, care, and inspiration. It was also important for the parents and children to feel that the process is about them and not about Caleidscoop Kindercoaching.


The central concept behind the brand design is the letter "C," which symbolizes the idea of a kaleidoscope. The multiple facets of the kaleidoscope represent the different facets of a child's personality and the different paths they can take in life. The two peaking holes in the letter "C" represent the child's potential and the role of the coach in helping them to unlock it.


The design features a playful and pastel color palette that appeals to children and parents alike. The typography is clean and modern, reflecting the company's professional and approachable brand personality. The brand's visual elements are consistent and easily recognizable, making it easy for the company to build brand recognition and recall over time.

The final brand design for Caleidoscoop Kindercoaching effectively communicates the company's mission and values, while also capturing the playful and supportive spirit of the brand. The brand design has received positive feedback from the company and contributes to effectively conveying the company's mission.

Caleidoscoop KindercoachingCaleidoscoop Kindercoaching

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