Dutch Lions FC


In 2017 we created a logo to unify and stand above all the other Dutch Lions FC teams. So we created a new logo, one step higher up the ladder.


Dutch Lions FC started out in 2009 as one club in Dayton, Ohio and has since grown into a franchise with many soccer related activities. It turned out to be a rather big challenge to keep the entire group together brandwise. The different franchisees operate in different areas, with different background and different needs. Because of that they often have different ideas on what should be done.


We decided to give the different branches more freedom to operate on their own and cater to their local service areas. But to maintain an overal Dutch Lions FC brand a need arose for a logo to stand above all others. The logo can almost literally be ‘branded’ upon any marketing or communication piece. Instantly making this piece part of the entire organization.


The logo is not intended to be placed in a central location of any marketing collateral. Therefore it has been set up accordingly. The logo can be placed in the corner of any medium and remain recognizable and strong. Dutch Lions FC wants to be a strong brand and therefore we opted for strong typography. The pentagon with the jumping lion – stylized in the typical DLFC way – placed next to “FC” serves to emphasize what’s it all about: soccer.


Because of the clarity of the design and the brand it opened new opportunities and directions for the organization to grow.

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