Podology USA


We created a brand for an American company specializing in providing orthopedic services.


Podology USA is a company engaged in providing various orthopedic services and products for specialized foot care. Compared to Western Europe, this market is still relatively underdeveloped in the United States. Podology USA provides orthopedic products for people with foot problems and uses its own method to do so. This method is based on a holistic approach and promises results beyond just foot problems. Podology USA itself provides training to transfer this method to partners.


We want to establish Podology USA as the high-end supplier of orthopedic products in the USA. Therefore, we are committed to a forward-looking image that appeals to the most progressive organizations.


The underlying concept for the branding of Podology USA is the upward spiral. The sights are set on the big picture, but by starting from the bottom up, we can build towards a better overall result.


The logo is a stylized upward spiral that can also be animated in a similar way. The shape also refers to the last of a shoemaker.

Podology USAPodology USAPodology USAPodology USA

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