Efteling Brand Analysis: A Journey through Enchantment


Welcome to the enchanting world of Efteling, where fairy tales and legends come to life. In this brand analysis, we'll explore the magic of the Efteling brand and potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Fast Facts

  • Name: Efteling
  • Type: Private
  • Origin: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
  • Founding date: 1935 (as R.K. Sport- en Wandelpark)
  • Headquarters: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
  • Key people: Nicole Scheffers (CEO) and Bastiaan de Bruin (Creative Director)
  • Key stakeholders: visitors, employees, shareholders, and local communities
  • Revenue: €203 million in 2019
  • Areas served: Worldwide

Branding Strategies

Efteling offers visitors a unique brand experience through a range of attractions, including rides, shows, and immersive experiences. Their mission is "to create unforgettable memories in a natural and enchanting environment that inspires, surprises, and brings people together."

With a brand value of €500 million, Efteling is one of the most valuable brands in the Netherlands. Their brand is built around enchantment, capturing the imagination of visitors and transporting them to a world of magic and wonder. The Efteling logo, featuring a stylized "E" and enchanting sparkles, represents the brand's image and core values of enchantment, family, and adventure.

The current Efteling logo

Efteling is known for its exceptional storytelling, weaving together fairy tales and legends to create immersive experiences for visitors. They utilize this skill in their marketing as well, creating captivating campaigns that engage their audience and highlight the unique experiences on offer at the park.

One of the key contributors to Efteling's enchanting brand is the Dutch artist and illustrator Anton Pieck. Pieck's whimsical and detailed illustrations of fairy tales and legends have been featured in Efteling since its early days, with his designs being used for many of the park's attractions and experiences. Pieck's artistry is particularly evident in the park's iconic Fairytale Forest, where visitors can explore charming scenes from classic stories brought to life in vivid detail. Today, Pieck's legacy continues to inspire and delight visitors to Efteling, contributing to the park's reputation as a unique and enchanting destination.

Over the years, Efteling has developed a strong reputation for quality and customer loyalty. Even celebrities like Gigi Hadid have expressed their love for the park, sharing photos of her visits on social media and sparking interest in the Efteling among her millions of followers. They are also committed to sustainability, taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote responsible tourism.

A Genuine Brand

Efteling is consistently rated highly for authenticity by visitors and industry experts alike. Their dedication to creating enchanting experiences in a natural setting has earned them a reputation as a truly unique and genuine brand.

Brand Opportunities and Threats

Efteling's biggest challenge in recent years has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry. The park was forced to close for several months, resulting in significant financial losses. However, Efteling has responded with agility, implementing safety measures and adapting their operations to meet changing circumstances.

Efteling also has exciting opportunities for growth, such as the planned expansion into neighboring cities and international markets. Additionally, the brand could leverage digital channels to enhance the visitor experience and create additional revenue streams.


Thanks to its enchanting brand and innovative marketing, Efteling has established itself as a leading destination for families and theme park enthusiasts. By continuing to focus on enchantment and customer experience, while also embracing new opportunities for growth, Efteling can continue to captivate visitors and expand its global footprint.

Photo: Jane Duursma

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